The mission of water

CHAPTER I – Introduction –

Is this the water we really want?

Odourless, colourless, tasteless: a liquid capable of informing, therefore creating and transforming any living being, which in turn spreads the most varied of odours, colours and tastes.

I am sure that many readers have often asked questions about water: the water they drink or use for cooking, washing or watering plants.
How can we determine the quality of water? Its characteristics, where it comes from, through where does it flow? But the real point is that we all wish to have good, clear, clean, pure, uncontaminated water, and let me also add another adjective; structured (structured water is water in nature).

Certainly, there are many important issues related to the quality of water and how to make the right choices to have it available in its purest form.

While addressing this topic, I tried to deepen it, by asking myself some other questions, which at first might seem confusing, but are actually aimed at making our decision easier when we choose what kind of water we want to let in our homes.

What is the essence and the mission of water?

What is its function?

What is my relationship with water?

I assure you that looking for answers will not divert us from the main topic, but on the contrary, it will start us on an essential process to understand how to maintain the integrity of water and thereby its essential qualities. I will soon arrive at the very practical conclusions needed in order to choose which water we need and use.

For the sake of convenience, often we identify essence with substance, and everybody knows what the substance of water is.
But for the moment, I wish to deal with its essence, i.e. its nature.
In nature, water is never pure, this is due to its dipolar, amphoteric and excellent solvent properties. This nature makes it a predominant and fundamental substance for the biology of living beings and for the life cycle of the Earth.
In short, in the domain of scientific research, we can perhaps summarise its mission as a reagent in biochemical and metabolic reactions (hydrolysis) and as a solvent, with the fundamental function of transporting nutrients and the elimination of waste, and as the main thermal regulator of the internal environment (homeostasis) as well as the external one.
With reference to our body we can summarise the fundamental role of water as that of regulating all biological functions, including the activities of all the substances dissolved in it.

Its fundamental importance within our body, the fact that it is the main constitutive element of the world, at the base of life on this planet, puts me in a certain difficulty as I try to sum up its mission and its function in a general sense. But the question remains!

Since I decided to deepen the topic of water, I see clearly the utilitarian relationship I have with it. I think it is quite normal, but I feel there is also something more, and I am becoming aware of what can be done to discover more … and I did discover more with these series of articles that I am publishing on this blog.

In fact, because it is an extensive topic , I have decided to tackle it step by step, analysing the different aspects in a series of posts which will deal with:

1. The question of bottled water and tap water and how to make a real assessment of its quality considering as many aspects as possible to make a conscious and ecological choice.

2. Analyse possible solutions to improve the quality of tap water for those who prefer this option, and consider alternatives to the use of bottled water for those opting for it.

3. Talk more in detail about the structure, function and relationship of water in our system. The mystery of water and its ability to cure and transfer information. Applications in homeopathy, bio energetic agriculture, etc.

4. Water in domestic and agricultural use and the importance of this vital resource that always gets back into our bodies directly or indirectly.

* Try to draw conclusions with you.

I now wish to invite you to follow this thread and wait for the next posts, meanwhile, you may be interested in a link on the use of plastic related to water that has already gone viral, but maybe some of you have not seen it yet.

The story of bottles water by Annie Leonard in English

I wish you all a wonderful mindful day!

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