Technical and scientific texts.

More specific subject areas:

Environmental sciences, Ecology, Conservation of Nature, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity, Waste management, Energy resource, Civil Engineering and Habitat Development …are our daily bread!

EU policy, EU affairs;
International Cooperation and Development Programmes;
Accounting and Finance, Administration, Economy, Financial material such as: Statements, Audit Reports, Estimates and Financial provisions;
Medical sciences and Health, Pharmacology, Physiopathology, Anatomy, Biology, Alternative, Natural and Holistic medicine, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Herbal remedies, Sports, Healthy lifestyle, Nutrition, Diet, Orthomolecular medicine;
Movement sciences and education, bodywork and movement therapies;
Jurisprudence and Legal material: Corporate documents, legal support documents for civil cases, Court Interpreting and Expert’s Opinions, Sworn or Certified translations, Agreements and MoUs, Framework agreements, etc.
Social Sciences, Geography, Humanities, Human Rights, Pedagogy, Andragogy, etc.;
Education and Academic material: Publications, certificates;
Business and Corporate, Internal and external materials: Minutes, Training materials;
Promotional material.

Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility


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