Invitation to Blog editors


Websites and blogs that target the same audience may jointly promote similar ideas and use the same pathways to improve their visibility. Therefore, if you would like to feature your product on our blog, if you produce something or offer services of interest for our followers, or have ideas and wish to share them, or simply wish to link your page to ours, please don’t be shy, we look forward to getting to know you and your reality.

Here is a call out for collaborators everywhere: organisations, bloggers, writers, activists, forward thinkers, free minds, engaged people with a vision about new green trends, experts and professionals wishing to share insights, input, information about their idea of Sustainability. Our Blog presents some broad categories such as: Environment; Lifestyles; Human Activities; Micro and Macro-Economy; Human Rights… and probably much more.
These are general categories, which will encompass other implicitly related topics as subcategories. For instance, Environment includes: Conservation, Ecology, Agriculture, Sustainable Energies, Natural Resource Management…; Lifestyle can address topics such as Mobility, Food, Apparel, Movement and Mindfulness, Activism, Critical Consumption and so on. In fact, it is our intention not to exclude any domain related to a sustainable lifestyle, so if you want to suggest a more specific category or area, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to consider new fields and categories. If you wish to see who already joined us please click here.

When we work in the area of adopting new and improved environmental-friendly behaviours, reflecting on lifestyles and sustainable choices to protect the environment, nature and everything we care most about , we need to enlist other people’s efforts, we need to share best practices, we need to promote effective and innovative tools that other organisations may have created and that need to be shared in order to achieve their goal. In other words, we need to harness the regenerating power of people looking for more sustainable solutions to the problems of the degradation of nature and health, and to the problems that that threaten them. We believe that only together, we will be able to build the foundations for a grassroots advocacy for a more sustainable life for all. Ultimately, we need to find ourselves through humility, appreciating the gifts and teachings nature and reflection grant us every day.

We are looking forward to finding together the most convenient way to collaborate and share ideas and intentions, please get in touch by clicking here.
or write to

If you have any other questions apart from the ones we have included below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When can I write my post?
Once you decide to take your turn in the round-robin post play, you will just need to tell us which topic your article will deal with and when you’ll be able to send your finalised version and we will find the best time to publish it, scheduling it within our editorial calendar.

What language should the article be written in?
Our blog is a multilingual blog, for the moment we have articles published in three languages: English, Italian, Spanish. Whatever language you want to use, we will translate your article into these three languages before posting it. Normally most writers feel more comfortable writing in their native language, nevertheless if you feel more confident treating the subject in English even if it is not your mother tongue, we will be glad to revise your text before we post it for a very fair revision fee. If you want to provide us with the three versions, please do.

Will I be given credit for my article?
Sure! Once your article is ready, we will create a post and publish it on our Ecoblog. The post will be introduced by its title, the name of the author will be mentioned on the top left hand side of the page together with the name of the organisation you work for (if any). Your name and or/the name of your organisation \ can be linked to your web page and /or you may include your profile on our Editors and Collaborators page and link your name to it. Moreover you are welcome to mention in your article, any useful information about you, your job /organisation, and explain to the readers your main goal in sharing the post.

Is there also the possibility to earn money writing for your blog?
We would be happy to agree on a fee for experts willing to share their studies and articles on specific matters within our budget possibilities.

What if I only want you to share my link?
If you have a web page that could be of interest to our followers and you wish to share your link you have two options:
– The most immediate is to be mentioned on our Friends on the Net section
– You can also be invited to do a short interview with us describing what you /your organization offer and we will write a post to promote your activity.

What if I wish to feature a product or offer a service on your blog?
If you wish to feature a product or offer a service on our blog that could be of interest to our followers, we would be happy to create a post describing your product and add a link to your page completely free of charge, as long as we agree on the kind of product and share the importance for that product to be advertised. We only promote SMEs, NPOs and CSOs.