Localization and Transcreation



Do you want to implement a project in a different country?
Is your project localized for the target country?

For a successful Language Localization Service we first of all want to start a communication process with our client to understand any special requirements and preferences of the project. During our first meeting we normally try to get acquainted with the technical requirements, writing style and communication strategy envisaged. After that the PM assigns the project to subject matter experts to start translating, creating, wording, rewording and adapting contents.

As we work on specific texts we always try to convey the sender’s intention in such a way that the target text is able to achieve the same function in the target culture as that which the source text achieved in the source culture. In other words we want to meet the cultural expectations of the audience.

For a successful Transcreation Service we do all that is stated above, but then we set up a team, instead of just one expert, to join creative minds and develop the right product for your needs.

And we go the extra mile! We not only offer language localization for a text, but Project Localization for your undertaking. We support you during the preparation of the implementation process to help you move safely and effectively in the target country. We achieve this by understanding the legal, cultural and environmental project-related aspects and building together the best possible strategy to make your idea work where you need it to.
This service may be useful to all those clients who:

– Want to fund their invention.

– Need to apply to authorities or institutions in the project implementation target country.

– Need to investigate procedures in a specific field in the project implementation target country.
For fields of expertise please look at our specialization.

– Wish to thoroughly understand the legal framework relating to their project implementation in the target country.