Words are our flowing resource

Our mission is to create the best product for the client

NPO Support
Like balancing stones to build flexibility
With over 15 years’ experience, Life in Translation (LiT) is an exceptional provider of language service solutions.

Words are our balancing stones to build flexibility. We are deeply aware of the immense importance of the language communication skills needed to allow people to connect and successfully achieve their goals.

LiT has the capacity, experience and proficiency to translate, revise, edit, localize, word or reword any kind of project.
And we go the extra mile – we provide high quality with fair rates! How? We bear no costs traditionally associated with using organisational resources for external PM or agents, and by being a group of peers networking together, sharing our knowledge and services, we are able to completely eliminate office costs.

Our mission is to play the wonderfully expressive communication game to create the best product for your needs.
Because humans are articulate beings, completely surrounded by and immersed in words and language, by honing their communication skills, they can succeed in connecting their nearest and further-reaching parts, learn how to assimilate and grasp new information and furthermore, how to convey it in an effective way.

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We share your care

Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility

We like offering our expertise in the fields we are most passionate about to consolidate, develop and promote our Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility.

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Direct Collaboration

We enjoy the direct collaboration with companies, organizations, authorities, foundations and any businesses that need to ensure the quality of materials; with our multilingual highly professional workforce, tailored to our client’s needs.

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Special Prices for NPOs and CSOs

Social, environmental and media justice organizations, as well as non-
profit organizations active in the fields we work in are welcome to ask for our special prices.

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