Sustainable thinking

Sustainable Thinking.

How nice to sneak out of bed early in the morning with a new idea for a post!
A simple vision to define thoughts. Yes, because thoughts are much stronger and more concrete than many people want to believe.

Thoughts greatly affect emotions and feelings and therefore reality, that is why I opt for sustainable thinking.

Thinking will then sustain our reality, who we are, what we want and how we want it.

It will keep us close to our principles and desires. In this way it will be able to contribute to them becoming a reality; to helping us realise these desires.

We usually give a lot of credit to positive thinkers, but I interpret positive thinking more like dangling a carrot in front of the mule, the promise of which activates us and pushes us forward … instead of being promised something good and being pushed forward, we should proceed naturally thanks to our will and ability to know how to proceed. After all, do not we refer to sustainability as the process that allows us to sustain ourselves indefinitely, throughout the life cycle. This is why I say that it is desirable for thoughts to be sustainable, rather than positive. Obviously, positive thinking is certainly a step forward compared to negative thinking. But being in the consciousness of the present, increasing awareness of the present is what helps us the most to avoid thinking incessantly. Thus, we can work on the conscience rather than on the will to change thoughts.

I have noticed that when I try to change those thoughts that I recognize as futile and often negative into positive thoughts, I easily fall into the vortex of thoughts, and that this constant thinking actually distracts me from the consciousness of who I am and what I want and can do now.

There is a person who in my opinion wonderfully describes the strength and function of thoughts and how harmful identification with thinking can be. This is Ekhart Tolle (, a great thinker and influential person. This simple phrase he wrote is for me quite emblematic: “We fulfill our destiny and realize our purpose when we awaken to who we are: conscious Presence”. For those wishing to deepen the subject, I recommend his excellent literature.

Today with this little reflection I would like to wish all of you great sustainable thoughts and self-awareness.

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