Ready to start!

Ready, get set, go!

Finally we managed to kick off our Blog …
It is quite difficult to outline it, this blog wants to describe a way of being, our will to affirm the desire and the intention to reflect on sustainability: from the environment to work, from our homes to our bodies. This blog will deal with a variety of different themes within a great number of small and large categories but all dealing with the same substance: sustainability, which is essential for the survival of all systems. We do not want to pose philosophical questions, rather we wish to deepen topics and gain information to be able to live in a more sustainable way. We wish to promote systems ecology. Any system, no matter if human, natural, aquatic, social or universal, whether complex or simple, each and every one has its own ecology and equilibrium and in order to respect it, we have to discover it. We wish to promote coherence in the sense of awareness that every person is a unique system, a reflection of all systems, which are separated but inherent and united by relationships and bonds that are essential to evolution, diversity and creativity, which are sources of life and vitality!

There will be regular and concise articles, while others will be proposed in a serial manner, that is divided into “episodes” in which the different aspects related to the topic will be developed. We intend to mix together ingredients necessary to enjoy a sustainable life and tackle this difficult ecological transition and steer ourselves in the right direction!

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