NPO Support Programme

NPO Support Programme

NPOs, associations, charity or service organizations, cooperatives, foundations, human and animal rights organizations, CSOs and any kind of voluntary organization whose mission is primarily focused on improving social, ecological, environmental, cultural, educational, professional conditions are welcome to benefit from our support programme.

All the above-mentioned organizations are entitled to our special programme, which offers three favourable conditions to meet the needs of our clients:

– 10% discount on all our rates
– Project management fee pro bono
– Any language combination and turnaround time is included in the original price

If you work to protect what you care for…We share your care!
We like offering our expertise in the
 fields we are most passionate about to consolidate, develop and promote our Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility.

All the founding members of LiT for the last 20 years have been dedicating their energies to volunteering for environmental organizations fostering ecological change and environmental justice and give their support to movements and active organizations supporting economic, social and cultural rights.
This programme wishes to be a little step further towards a big change!
Please ask your job estimate 
choosing the option NPO.